Our Mission Statement

Since Mae’s successful SDR surgery in 2014 the mission of our fundraising has shifted to ongoing rehabilitation costs. Our aim is to fund Mae’s therapy costs, which maximise function, develop her mobility and will assist her independence as she grows older.

Although we have seen, and shared with you, vast improvement in Mae’s ability to stand and begin to walk as a result of her SDR surgery, the procedure is still not recognised in the UK and, as such, the operation and necessary follow-up is not supported by the NHS. Families throughout the UK, like our own, continue to privately fund the operation, and considerable ongoing therapy costs.

This video helps to explain Mae’s ongoing journey:

The importance of post-SDR Therapy, from MP Fitness

We continue to have weekly individual Physiotherapy sessions for Mae, to focus on her exercises to build strength and stamina in her legs and maintain range of movement. These are not funded by the NHS, so this is something we have to fund privately, at around £4000 per annum. Intensive residential therapy has helped Mae progress in her independence but this costs approximately £10,000 per annum.

Mae attends Riding for the Disabled lessons to improve her trunk control and muscle strength. These are personally funded by the family at £500 pa.

Mae has regular swimming sessions, which is an excellent all-round exercise, to consolidate all of the other therapies. This is also personally funded by the family at £500 pa.

We are always happy to answer any of your fund-raising questions regarding Hope4Mae and open to your suggestions as to how you can continue to assist us in supporting Mae’s therapy. Thanks so much for your support!

Mae walks with Dr Park - with a little help from 'Betsy'!

Mae walks with Dr Park – with a little help from ‘Betsy’!

To offer support by way of a sponsored event, fund-raiser or advertising Mae’s cause, please contact us at [email protected]

Mae’s 2nd Anniversary!

Happy 2nd SDR Anniversary to our brave little ‘Warrior Princess’. We are so, so proud of you Mae!

Thanks to Dr TS Park, SDR surgery, the wonderful team of therapists at Peds Neurosurgery Slch (Michael Kenyon, Jackie Bryce, Deanna, Barrie, Elaine and Miss Beth) Mae’s aMAEzing ‘team’ of therapists (Jo Applin Ward, Adam Viktor Glowacz, Daniel Woods, Mike Poole, Steph Robertson, Charli Louise Yselkla, Amy Bairstowe, Mark Shane Harries and CSW’s Debbie & Dawn) Mae’s hard work, dedication and to YOU.

SDR surgery has given Mae the chance to have a more independent future. Mae still has a long way to go in terms of intensive therapy and achieving her dreams. Still, she has such a positive attitude and shows great enthusiasm when it comes to following her programme (5 days of the week). There is no doubt in our minds that if we continue to support her, then she can and she will get there.

We would like to take this opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who has and continues to support and share Mae’s journey. As you can see, your help is contributing to a life- changing difference for Mae and we couldn’t do it without your kindness and generosity.

If you would like to help Mae continue with her journey you can donate to her therapy programme at JustGiving, or by texting MAEF70£amount to 70070, thank you xx

2 year cake2 year anniv Mae

We have reached £70k!

This week you may have seen Mae and her family in Doncaster Free Press, with the fabulous news that we have reached the £70k target! Huge thanks to all involved and we can’t believe we have cracked it.

Activity is still ongoing and many volunteers have offered their support with future events and sponsored activities. For this reason we have agreed to raise our target to £100k, and all funds that continue to be raised will go to Mae’s community fund for after-care, which will be required following her surgery in 2014. This will include all care costs such as physiotherapy, specialist equipment and any costs associated directly with rehabilitation for Mae.

You can see the Hope4Mae Fund grand total, made up of Mae’s Just Giving donations plus her community fund on our website, and follow Mae’s progress through surgery and beyond.

Sincere thanks to everyone for sharing Mae’s story and supporting her journey!

Mae’s family is currently working on a video to share Mae’s journey so far, including the astonishing achievements of volunteers who have run events, been sponsored for crazy antics and gone out of their way to help Mae achieve her dreams of walking. We will share with you as soon as it is available to view!

A message from Mae’s parents:

‘We really can’t wait to start work on our fundraising video of events that have taken place so far!!
Fundraising has certainly strengthened us for the coming months and years ahead. Its incredible to think of everyone and everything over the last 6 months that have got us to this point today. It has been a tiring addition to our journey but we would without doubt do it all over again and will continue to work in events to give Mae the best possible aftercare. We have made some great friendships, We feel very loved and we are so thankful and proud of everyone that has contributed to Hope4Mae aMAEzing people.
Mae’s Mum & Dad xxxx’