29th August, the end of the Summer Break – A message from Mae’s Mum

Hey there and happy Friday to all of our Hope4Mae friends and followers.

Slowly but surely we’re getting back on track! It’s been a sad and busy few weeks for the Foxes.

Sadly we had to say ‘Goodbye’ to our much loved Auntie Pauline. Some of you will be aware of how much of a great driving force she was for ‘Hope4Mae’. Auntie Pauline inspired Spaldwick on sea to raise money for Mae, She crafted many patchwork Eco bags to raise funds for Mae and spreading awareness of Mae’s cause, helping Mae to achieve her dream really meant so very much to her. Although fighting a terminal illness Auntie Pauline would always keep up to date with Hope4Mae (Checking her pages daily) and would offer her help and support xxxx

We would like to take this opportunity to thank staff and customers at The George, Spaldwick, who have supported and given so generously to Mae’s cause.

Auntie Pauline has made a beautiful patchwork quilt which is to be raffled for Hope4Mae. Tickets will be available in the new year. Please look out for details. Not to be missed!

quilt 3

Last week we went to France with family for a holiday. It was a much needed and welcomed break. We had great fun splashing around in the pool and it was good therapy for Mae. One of the days we visited the seaside and it was so nice to see Mae having so much fun. She could be heard singing “we’re having so much fun in the sea”. She was quite literally lunging herself into the waves on her knees. We heard her saying “And it doesn’t hurt”!

Since we arrived home at the weekend Mae has been straight back to it with swimming, physiotherapy and hospital appointments. We are due at the hospital in less than an hour to get Mae fitted out for a pelvic binder. Fingers crossed it’s been worth the wait.

Thank you for your patience and continued support it really means a lot to us xx

29th August 2014 - Mae is fitted for her pelvic binder

29th August 2014 – Mae is fitted for her pelvic binder

Behind the scenes…….

We are sometimes asked when the website will next be updated. It’s great that people want to follow Mae’s story, so we thought we’d share a bit of behind-the-scenes life, so you know why we sometimes go a bit quiet!

This website is a digest of what has been achieved and a place to find all of our events and links. We tend to post major news on here, and group a number of news items at once. You will find our regular daily updates on our facebook page, where myself (Sarah – admin) and Mae’s Mum, Amy, post news as it happens.

In a typical week we upload 15 to 20 posts and photos to facebook, and respond to emails, phone calls and messages. Sarah deals with around 20 spam comments on the website every week – from where to buy cheap cigarettes to people sharing sites of a ‘less tasteful’ nature! We oversee and advertise the easy fundraising site, where supporters can help us raise money through their normal online purchases. We distribute and collect charity tubs across Doncaster, and Mae and her Mum attend every possible charitable event which is run in Mae’s name. This is in addition to normal routines, which are anything but ‘normal’!

Mae’s current ‘normal’ routine involves a school attendance of 49 hours per week, as every child has. On top of this Mae has 7 to 8 hours of Physiotherapy activity per week, including 3 swimming sessions, horse-riding, Physiotherapy at school and Private home-based Physiotherapy. Mae has two brothers, so their routine also has to be accommodated, so it’s a flurry of Beavers, Cubs, swimming, homework and ALL the standard meals, laundry, cleaning, family visits and friends’ parties that most families will be familair with!

In addition to that little lot, the fund-raising hasn’t ended! We were amazed to have achieved Mae’s target to get her to the US for her operation in January 2014, and the generosity of locals and supporters farther afield was astounding. We always knew that there would be  more to do after Mae’s operation, as her success in achieving her dreams of walking depend on assistive equipment and consistent physiotherapy, to develop her strength and muscle bulk in her legs and trunk. This equipment will be renewed as Mae grows and Physiotherapy will be ongoing as Mae develops. This all costs money, and lots of it!! Mae has two further intensive sessions booked at Footsteps which, in addition to the cost of treatment, incurs 30 journeys of 156 miles in travel costs. We have far to go with the fund-raising….

So we are thankful for continued support from those who understand it’s not over. We have many helpful people who continue to house a charity tub for Mae and every penny really does count. We have local companies who get in touch, often out of the blue, and ask if they can arrange a dress-down day, or a bake sale, or run an event in Mae’s name. We are so grateful for all the help and offers of support.

It’s an ongoing process, and we appreciate that everyone wants to be a part of it. So we continue to try our best to bring you our news. If we go quiet for a bit, rest assured we are creating the next lot of news to share with you! :-) Thanks for following our progress x

Coming up….

This weekend there is a flurry of activity with supporters and events in aid of Hope4Mae. It’s also Mae’s birthday, so we will be busy with celebrations too!

Friday 9th May, 10am to 3pm & Saturday 10th May, 10am to 12 noon local Doncaster business sarahcards.co.uk will be holding an Open House with her new Summer Phoenix cards, with donations from sales to Mae’s after-care. All welcome – please contact Sarah on 07587 245 658 for directions, or to request your free brochure if you can’t go. You can also order online and support Hope4Mae – quote ‘MAE’ at checkout at www.sarahcards.co.uk

summer banner

10th May 2014 Kerry Doherty, Enya Samways, Barry Stewart, Nicola Brookes, Jay Samways and James Bowman are taking part in Rat Race Dirty Weekend. There will be a staggering array of monstrous obstacles to challenge the hardest contender! These aMAEzing, crazy people would really appreciate your support. Every penny raised will go towards Mae’s post-op therapy. Support them on their JustGiving page.

kerry Doherty challenge

11th May 2014 3pm kick off at Doncaster Rovers: Charity Football match, supported by haart Estate Agents, in memory of Jamie Rowe. All proceeds to Mae’s post-op therapy. You may have seen local haart boards advertising this event, and confusing lots of people into thinking that their friends are moving home! Huge thanks for nominating Mae’s charity for this event, and to all who have hosted a haart advertising board for us.


We will be heading back from FootSteps tomorrow at the end of mae’s first run of intensive rehab. We’ll give you a summary of our visit next week. Thanks for following Mae’s progress!