29th August, the end of the Summer Break – A message from Mae’s Mum

Hey there and happy Friday to all of our Hope4Mae friends and followers.

Slowly but surely we’re getting back on track! It’s been a sad and busy few weeks for the Foxes.

Sadly we had to say ‘Goodbye’ to our much loved Auntie Pauline. Some of you will be aware of how much of a great driving force she was for ‘Hope4Mae’. Auntie Pauline inspired Spaldwick on sea to raise money for Mae, She crafted many patchwork Eco bags to raise funds for Mae and spreading awareness of Mae’s cause, helping Mae to achieve her dream really meant so very much to her. Although fighting a terminal illness Auntie Pauline would always keep up to date with Hope4Mae (Checking her pages daily) and would offer her help and support xxxx

We would like to take this opportunity to thank staff and customers at The George, Spaldwick, who have supported and given so generously to Mae’s cause.

Auntie Pauline has made a beautiful patchwork quilt which is to be raffled for Hope4Mae. Tickets will be available in the new year. Please look out for details. Not to be missed!

quilt 3

Last week we went to France with family for a holiday. It was a much needed and welcomed break. We had great fun splashing around in the pool and it was good therapy for Mae. One of the days we visited the seaside and it was so nice to see Mae having so much fun. She could be heard singing “we’re having so much fun in the sea”. She was quite literally lunging herself into the waves on her knees. We heard her saying “And it doesn’t hurt”!

Since we arrived home at the weekend Mae has been straight back to it with swimming, physiotherapy and hospital appointments. We are due at the hospital in less than an hour to get Mae fitted out for a pelvic binder. Fingers crossed it’s been worth the wait.

Thank you for your patience and continued support it really means a lot to us xx

29th August 2014 - Mae is fitted for her pelvic binder

29th August 2014 – Mae is fitted for her pelvic binder

Mae visits Footsteps as part of her post-op therapy

It’s been another busy month in Mae’s rehab, and she has spent her first week at a specialist post-op centre, called Footsteps, in Oxfordshire. The Footsteps programme is a three week intensive course, costing almost £2,500, and would never have been possible without the generous help and donations from our supporters, so thank you to everyone!

We are unable to take photgraphs of Mae’s visit, but you can see some of the specialist equiment on the Footsteps website. The equipment is pioneering, and some is exclusive to this centre in the UK, and all assists in developing the muscle tone and strength of children with disability. We continue to raise funds to help Mae make the most of available aftercare, and you can see our May events now on the website.

As you can appreciate, it has been important for us to establish some family time once more, following the lengthy fund-raising efforts of 2013, and the trip to USA for Mae’s surgery early this year. We have fewer events running at present, but we continue to receive support from local companies and sponsors, and some individual donations. We would like to thank all who make it possible for us to continue on Mae’s journey to independence. It has been a joy to see Mae striving to stand tall and this photo of her last week, at our visit to Stone Henge, makes it all worthwhile! Thank you xx

standing stones!

standing stones!

This is what it has all been for….

On the 25th January we landed safely in the city of hopes and dreams – the place where Mae’s dream of walking could become a reality, thanks to SDR, Dr Park and all those who have supported our fund raising efforts!

Monday was our first visit to St Louis Children’s hospital where we got to meet with Dr Park and his team. We are feeling positive, although Mae was worried that Dr Park might wish to X- ray her. She was great throughout her pre-op evaluation, and we’re all set to go ahead. Thanks to the wonders of technology we hope to get ‘face time’ with the boys around lunch time and this will give Mae an extra boost.

Meeting Dr Park

Meeting Dr Park

Mae’s smile seems to be just as infectious here as it is back home, despite feeling jet-lagged and trying to adjust to the time zone difference. Mae had great fun splashing around in the pool on Monday, which made her wiped out earlier than usual. She managed a good night’s sleep whilst Mum tossed and turned – afraid of missing the alarm which would signal preparation for Mae’s op! Mae’s first words on waking were ‘Mum, is Dr Park going to make my legs better today?’

Mae’s op will be on Tuesday at 11am St. Louis time – about 5pm GMT, so about the time you read this post! I can’t believe this day is finally here, and I’m feeling a mixture of emotions.

The local press back home have continued to feature Mae’s story, and help us to publicise the aftercare costs which will be involoved. Thank you to everyone who has helped us get this far!

free press

Doncaster Free Press, p.32, Thurs Jan 23rd 2014

Thank you so much to each and everyone of you that have helped to make this possible for Mae. We truly can’t thank you enough. This operation really does hold the potential to be life changing for Mae. xxx