What a week!

We’re excited to share a fantatsic week of excitement for Mae and her family, who are now all officially Foxes! Matt and Amy tied the knot last Saturday, with family and friends very emotional to witness the sight of Mae walking down the aisle in her bridesmaid dress!

'Daddy, wit til you see Mummy!'

‘Daddy, wait until you see Mummy!’

We all enjoyed a fantastic celebration after the ceremony, with special guests The Seventy performing live music all evening. The Seventy were responsible for recording a charity single in aid of Hope4Mae last year, and it was wonderful to see Mae dance to their live rendition at the reception.

See the video! Hope 4 Mae – Ho Hey

seventy wedding

Sadly The Seventy are no longer going to be performing live, due to their other commitments, but you can catch them for one final gig at Halloweekend, Real Time Live, in Chesterfield on 31st October. Advance tickets are just £5 here.

On top of all that excitment Mae was nominated for The Doncaster Free Press Pride Awards …..AND WON an Inspirational Young Person Award!! We’re all so very proud of Mae’s achievements and thank you all for sharing the journey.

Mae's Inspirational Young Person Award

Mae’s Inspirational Young Person Award

As always, huge thanks for eveyone’s continued support and a reminder that we are still raising funds to maintain Mae’s rehabilitation and therapy, currently costing over £20,000 per year to maximise her movement and independence.

Here comes Summer!

Well we’re past the half-way point of 2015 and we can’t quite believe where it’s gone! Those of you who follow us on facebook or Twitter will have seen posts about Mae’s recent rehab residential courses, so we thought we’d do an update here to cover what’s been happening.

In March we attended a very special post-SDR party, in honour of all the children who have undergone the pioneering surgery under Dr TS Park. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet up with other families and see how their children are progressing. It was a joy to see Mae walk with Dr Park and, as you can see, he was thrilled to see her.

Mae walks with Dr Park - with a little help from 'Betsy'!

Mae walks with Dr Park – with a little help from ‘Betsy’!

We’re continuing to fundraise with collection tubs in local businesses and occasional events in the community. All of this residual money raised goes to support Mae’s rehabilitation programme.

Children who have SDR surgery have been given the chance to walk because the spasticity (or tightness) in their lower half is alleviated. This is great because it means their hips and legs are free to move and bend. But these limbs have NEVER been used in the way that able-bodied children use their limbs. The muscles have never been exercised, or sometimes even taken the child’s own weight. Mae used to be wheelchair bound, or shuffled on her bottom on the floor, so new moveable legs need some education!

Mae has regular Physiotherapy sessions at home, plus swimming lessons and horse-riding sessions to help strengthen her limbs and work with her Physiotherapy activities.

In addition to this Mae has attended some residential rehabilitation courses. This gives a specialist Physiotherapist the time to work intensively with Mae, focusing on areas which need strengthening, and doing tailored training to help Mae reach her goal of walking independently. The average cost is £3000 per stay. This is footage of Mae’s most recent visit. The work is hard but Mae is a determined Miss and the results are worth the effort, and cost!

MP fitness 3MP fitness 5MP fitness 6

View video of Mae walking

So huge thanks to all who continue to support us. The costs are ongoing and we have future fund-raisers planned. Should you wish to donate to Mae’s rehabilitation costs, you can do so at www.justgiving.com/fundraising/hope4mae-everystepoftheway.

Wishing you a wonderful Summer and we’ll catch up after the school holidays.

The Fox Family xx

A year on!

At the end of January we celebrated the 1st anniversary of Mae’s surgery in the US. Can you believe that its been a year already?

Mae celebrates her 1st SDR Anniversary!

Mae celebrates her 1st SDR Anniversary!

We have kept in contact with the Doncaster Free Press who have been following Mae’s progress. This has been a great way for us to let local supporters know our news. The reporter was very keen to reflect that we are continuing to raise funds for Mae’s rehabilitation, and was kind enough to share details of the ongoing costs and demands of suppporting Mae’s progress. Many thanks to them for highlighting our progress in the Free Press this week. You can see the article, as well as a fabulous video of Mae during therapy, on the Doncaster Free Press website.

We will continue to keep the Hope4Mae fund going, to support Mae’s rehabilitation programme. In celebration of her surgery anniversary, we will be launching a VERY special raffle, very close to our hearts. All proceeds will go to Mae’s rehab care. We will be announcing the details very soon!

Thanks so much for your continued support. It means so very much x