Mae’s Story

Hello and welcome to my Hope 4 Mae website. My name is Mae Louisa Lily Fox and I live in Cantley, Doncaster, South Yorkshire. This is my website which is the place to find out all about me and the amazing people who are trying to help me have the chance to walk for the first time.

This is where just a few minutes of your time could really help towards changing the rest of my life – turning dreams into reality!


What is Hope 4 Mae all about?

Mae has a condition called Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. You can read more detail in Mae’s Story, and watch her YouTube video. Mae has been given the rare opportunity to go to St Louis, USA for a life-changing operation called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy. Dr T S Park has been performing this specialised procedure for more than 25 years and has operated on more than 2,000 children from 43 countries. Dr Park holds a 100% success rate. The surgery will permanently reduce Mae’s abnormal muscle tone. Her sitting and standing postures will improve, as will her balance, endurance and levels of comfort. For all these reasons Mae would be a very good candidate and the operation will help her significantly.

To fund the operation, and help Mae bring her dreams to reality, we need to raise £70,000 by December 2013. Here on the website you can find out how you can help and follow our progress.

Mae says ‘Thank you for helping to make my legs better’


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Mae’s Story

Mae was born on 10th May 2009, almost 7 weeks prematurely, following a complicated delivery and weighing just 4Ib 11oz. Mae spent the first few weeks of life in Doncaster’s Special Care Baby Unit.

Mae’s Mummy & Daddy recognised problems in development before they were even apparent to professionals.

Mae was assessed by the Paediatric team and then referred to an Ophthalmologist, where Mum & Dad gave details of her birth history.

Mae was diagnosed with delayed visual maturation and a divergent squint. The Doctor also requested that Mae have an MRI scan on her brain just after her 1st birthday.

An MRI scan was performed on 05.07.2010. Results followed…showing injury to Mae’s brain. It was then that she was diagnosed as having Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, so lots of intervention was put into place. Mae has attended the local hospital weekly for the last 2 1/2 years and a specialised nursery visit weekly.

Mae has made fantastic progress and continues to amaze those close to her with her determination. She tries so hard to work against her condition but no matter how hard she tries she cannot stand or walk independently. Mae has difficulty moving her legs and problems with her posture due to poor signals from her brain to her muscles. In addition, the spasticity (tightness) in her legs causes discomfort, which will worsen as she grows. Mae would love to be able to do the things that most others take for granted. She would love the chance to ride a bike or perhaps a scooter, to bounce on the trampoline with her friends (which she has done in her wheelchair before now!), to run into the garden with her big brothers whilst her Dad is at work and her Mum prepares food and play/kick a ball instead of having to sit by the door. She would also love to be able to dance to music without the discomfort of burning her knees on the floor. Mae goes through life with her infectious smile (as Great Grandma says, ”A smile that lights up the room”). It would be Mae’s ultimate dream to stand and walk independently.




She has had a great start in helping her to reach her potential, but this is where her story really begins!

You can also watch a video of Mae’s Story on YouTube.

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