30th January 2014

30th January GMT 21:10, From Mae’s Mum: ‘Mae hasn’t had the best day today. She has been quite drowsy and so her medication through her epidural has been switched. She has had a temperature and a fever. The nurse is going to swob her for the flu. Mae has been experiencing back spasms and she has been given Valium to help with this. It’s 15:10 PM here and she has finally had something to eat (Strawberries + grapes). We have had further problems getting Mae to drink something today. Again we have been using a syringe and she has liquids coming through her IV also. Whilst writing this status Mae has had 4 sips of apple juice :) Good Job!!’

‘Mae’s face is swollen due to being laid flat and she is all sweaty from her fever.’

But, you guessed it, Mae is STILL smiling! A-MAE-zing little girl! xxx

30th January sweaty Mae

Mae’s US trip has been mentioned in Doncaster Free Press again today, so many thanks for continuing to spotlight her progress for the local followers!

30/1/14 Doncaster Free Press

30/1/14 Doncaster Free Press

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