17th Feb 2014 round-up of the last week

You will notice that we have a new banner on the home page, with images of Mae’s trip to St Louis, and news of The Seventy‘s single and gig in aid of Hope4Mae. You can see more info on our events page about The Seventy and their generous support of Mae’s cause, and how to get your CD and tickets!

We are continuing to raise funds for ongoing care and after care costs for Mae. As has become apparent this week, it’s not always possible to know what costs are around the corner for Mae.

On 11th February 2014, Mae underwent corrective eye surgery in St Louis, which wasn’t anticipated. Mae has a divergent squint which meant her eyes were not aligned, but it was suggested in the UK that surgery would be purely cosmetic – that is, to make Mae’s eyes appear straight and ‘look better’. However, tests in St Louis showed that Mae’s squint could affect her vision and her ability to judge distance and space, so was actually a functional problem – it could stop her seeing properly, and affect her balance and her ability to walk properly. Since she has just had her SDR op the family wanted to give her every chance of succeeding with her walking, so they also agreed to her having an eye operation.

11th Feb 2014 - Preparing for Mae's eye operation

11th Feb 2014 – Preparing for Mae’s eye operation

There were some tears following surgery but Mae continues to be so brave. The family is already amazed by the difference in the alignment of Mae’s eyes and hope that this will bring huge benefits to balancing her binocular vision.

There was also a discussion last week about lengthening Mae’s hamstrings, through another surgical procedure. The need for this surgery can arise as the muscles need to stretch more than they have been used to, once the child begins to stand straighter and taller. Mae has already begun standing exercises, and surpirsed her family as to how tall she looks!

11th Feb 2014 Standing tall!

11th Feb 2014 Standing tall!

The family was advised that Mae might develop stretching of her hamstrings through Physiotherapy after care, and that natural changes can arise post-operatively over the next 12 months. After careful consideration, and concern about the number of surgeries Mae is tolerating, her family has decided to wait until Mae’s review appointment to decide on whether hamstring surgery will be required. Whether Mae has surgery now or later the overall result would be the same, so the family has taken the difficult decision to postpone this, and review it in 12 month’s time.

Mae’s Mum says: Mae has been put under anaesthetic twice in the last two weeks and we feel 3 times in 16 days would be a lot for her. The recovery is quite painful for the hamstring lengthening so we have been told. It was always our intention to return to St Louis in 12 months time for our post op check up with Dr Park. We would like to give Mae the chance to stretch her hamstring without having to contend with spasticity. Taking into account that Dr Dobbs (Orthopaedic surgeon) is more than happy to assess Mae at a later date and will have no worsening effects we are hopeful that we have made the right decision’

And so, as the family begin their final week in St Louis we have received news from Mum that Mae’s Physio is going very well, and she is coming along with her stretches and strengthening exercises. She managed to hold most of her exercises for 20 seconds and it’s great to hear Mae is getting stronger. Tomorrow Mae will have a review with Dr Park, and we will continue to share Mae’s news whilst she is recovering.

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